Professional Services

Company Introduction

A-Care Home Support Services & Nanny Agency is a subsidiary of Happy A & M Enterprises Inc. A-Care is a nationally respected company of non-medical, private duty home care agency providing various care services from both local and international caregivers to help the families who have elderly and/or kids at homes across BC. Our Value is our clients’ comments and concerns. For each client we served we give our undivided attention. We are committed to fully live with our Respect, Knowledge, and Expertise. Our Vision is to serve our clients with the best workers in Canada and abroad who are able to contribute to their best potential. Our Mission is to help people (from foreign countries) make a better life for themselves by using their skills and talents to help Canadian individuals or families with their childcare, elder care, or special needs. SERVICE GUARANTEE We are committed to offering an affordable, professional and caring service. If you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly make any required changes to our service to ensure your satisfaction. ————————————————————————————————————————-

Service We Offered

● Personal Care ● Postpartum Care ● Baby Sitting ● Housekeeping ● Administrative Services ● Companionship ● Running Errands ● Reminder Services ● Routine Visits ● Foreign Live-in Caregiver Arrangement

Personal Care

Personal care services provide non-medical hands-on assistance with activities of daily living for older adults and adults living with disabilities or other chronic conditions. A personal care worker helps individuals to bathe, dress, eat, and navigate a range of other daily tasks. In essence, the personal care worker does tasks for the individual that they are unable to do for themselves independently because of disability due to disease, trauma, or the natural progression of aging. image015 These services include:

  • Preparing meals, including meals for special diets;
  • Assistance with daily living activities like bathing, getting dressed, oral hygiene, grooming and toileting;
  • Transferring: moving from one surface to another;
  • Lifting: walking or using a wheelchair;
  • Bed mobility: changing positions in bed;
  • Shopping;
  • Reminders about taking medicines;
  • Help with medical appointments;
  • Help finding transportation for medical appointments;
  • Routine medical and surgical supplies;
  • Routine laundry and linen services.

Postpartum Care

We provide professional in-home postpartum care for families with newborns. Our focus is to help families more fully enjoy the changes in their family dynamics by providing extra support, nurturing and skilled home care. Whether you are having your first baby or adding to your family unit, as your postpartum care provider, we can help make your first few days or weeks at home more pleasant and manageable. Our caregivers have hands-on experience working in the home to fulfill the needs of the entire family. image016 Our services are tailored to fit each family’s specific needs, and may include any of the following:

  • Mother care
  • Newborn and sibling care
  • Multiple births
  • Postpartum women’s health & nutrition, including massage to prevent mastitis, and postpartum exercise for quick recovery
  • Breast and bottle feeding support
  • Balance meal preparation, supplementation if necessary
  • Baby laundry
  • Pre and post-natal education and consulting
  • Layette shopping/nursery organization

Baby Sitting

We understand how difficult it can be to recruit the right nanny for your children, so we’ve made every effort to make the process easy, fast and efficient. We provide services as below indicated: image018

  • Plan, prepare and arrange nutritious meals for children
  • Bath and dress children
  • Clean up dining area after meal
  • Adhere to particular dietary rules inside family
  • Maintain grocery list
  • Change and wash children’s sheets and towels
  • Iron children’s clothes
  • Carry out children’s shopping as directed by the parents
  • Carry out children’s laundry
  • Accompany children in parks and activity clubs
  • Keep children’s bathrooms orderly throughout work hours
  • Perform child related everyday jobs as directed by parent
  • Transport of children to and from school or bus stop
  • Organize play group activities and gatherings with neighborhood children
  • Prepare and pack children’s lunches
  • Vacuum room and areas used by children


A clean house is important for one’s health and well-being. When a house is dirty, you are surrounding yourself with germs and bacteria that can be detrimental to your health and recovery. Our Caregivers can provide a suite of homemaking assistance that can ensure you are staying in a clean and healthy environment. When your home is in order, you will see yourself being less anxious, stressed and have an increased peace of mind. Here are some areas of light housekeeping that we can help with: image017 Living / Family Room

  • Vacuum carpet and rugs, Dusting
  • Watering plants
  • Cleaning interior windows and mirrors that can be reached without a ladder
  • Organize magazines, book, and newspapers
  • Organizing closets, drawers, clothing and shoe areas
  • Make bed, Change linens
  • Vacuum carpet and rugs, Dusting
  • Assist with laundry and ironing
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Clean & disinfect sinks, counters, appliances
  • Wipe and sanitize basic appliances including toaster, microwave, stove
  • Inspect and discard spoiled food
  • Clean interior windows that can be reached without a ladder
  • Disinfect tub, shower, sink, toilet, and counters
  • Organize towels, linens, drawers and counters
  • Wash, fold and put away towels and wash cloths

Administrative Services

Our product depends on our commitment to great service. It begins with a dedicated staff of professionals determined to deliver on our promise to provide outstanding service. We are proud to bring together experienced, knowledgeable, highly trained insurance professionals working together to meet our client’s goals. image019

  • Handling business and/or personal correspondence
  • Setting up and organize a filing system for personal and/or business papers
  • Addressing and mailing holiday, special occasion and thank-you cards
  • Picking up and delivering the mail if their post office box is not at their residence
  • Assisting with banking, including making deposits, writing checks, and paying bills
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Photocopying
  • Notarizing
  • Planning events for special occasions, dinners, and parties
  • Organizing a reminder service for special occasions
  • Making assurance calls (calls to clients to check on them)


Our companion service is your solution for personalized companion care and non-medical assistance in the comfort of your home. We truly value the importance of compassion, dignity, and respect for all of our clients and their families across all stages of life. Whether you are a new parent and in need of a little extra help around the house or concerned about a parent, grandparent, or loved one who is no longer able to properly care for themselves, our companion services can provide the in-home care you’re looking for. The different types of companion service we offered are: image020

  • Lifestyle Companion: This professional offers non-medical assistance with daily tasks, including personal grooming, housekeeping, and meal preparation. This arrangement could be for a few hours a week or as a live-in companion.
  • Companion Escort: This person would accompany the client to medical appointments or when running errands.
  • In-home Respite Companion: This is the equivalent of an adult sitter to relieve the family caregiver for a few hours or overnight.
  • Travel Companion: Active seniors who need transportation and someone to accompany them when visiting parks, museums, theaters, and other places might require a travel companion.

Running Errands

We are your own personal assistant – we specialize in giving you the gift of time. Spend your valuable free days with family and friends. Let us help you rebalance your life today with our unique time saving errand and concierge services. Let us help you rebalance your life with our unique time saving services. We can help with almost any errand you may need. image021 Under the umbrella of personal shopping and errands, you can:

  • Pick up and deliver library books, video, and DVD rentals, dry cleaning and laundry, and prescription
  • Pick up and deliver mail, ship small packages, purchase stamps and other mailing supplies
  • Pick up and deliver documents to doctors and law offices, landlords, or tenants
  • Shop for and put away groceries and other household supplies
  • Shop for clothing, personal items, and gifts
  • Wrap gifts
  • Handle banking tasks
  • Provide eldercare checks
  • Coordinate household repairs
  • Rest reservations: book Spa Getaways, vacation research, dinner reservations
  • Tickets for Events
  • Arrange flights/accommodations

Reminder Services

If you forget birthdays, dentist dates, vet appointments, business meetings, car registration dates, gig dates, etc., this is the service for you. It doesn’t cost you too much, your privacy is protected, and it saves you the embarrassment of forgetting an important date. image022

  • Thing to Do: Got a thing to do? We can remind you. This will make sure you never forget anything again! For example, we offer calls to remind your loved one when it’s time to take their medications or go to their doctor’s appointments.
  • Birthday Reminder: We will remind you about your friends and relatives birthdays. You can set multiple birthday reminders if you like. This will make sure you never forget your friends or families birthday again!
  • Meeting Reminder
  • Insurance Renewal Reminder
  • Holiday Reminder
  • Call Someone Reminder
  • Shopping Reminder
  • Money Reminder
  • Pet to the Vet Reminder
  • Feed the Pet Reminder

Routine Visits

A Real-Person Daily Checkup Call and in-home Visit (only applied in Vancouver) service for the elderly, disabled, and at-risk. Caring, friendly, reassuring voice calls are lifesaving and life-changing. For those that want to live independently just knowing that a familiar voice will be calling to see how they are doing makes the world of difference and helps them to live fuller and safer lives. image023 These services include:

  • Daily Checkup Call is available anywhere in the Canada – if you have a home or cell phone we’re there for you.
  • Daily health and safety checkup calls providing reminders on Medications, Appointments, and other Activities.
  • You decide what you want us to ask.
  • After calling or visiting we will email or text you every day to let you know that your loved one is healthy and safe.
  • We will do in-home visits if our daily call is unanswered on the third try and assist on the next steps.